The greatest responsibility of any generation is the passing of wisdom and knowledge to the next one. Doing this allows the accomplishment greater things than we can imagine. The future can build upon our successes. They can learn from our failures. They will do amazing things.

TahoeJS is passionate about the next generation. We are students and teachers; we are always unlearning what we learn. It is for this reason that we run educational events.  It is for this reason that we are standing with the children to share our passion for solving problems.

Sphero Events

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People logically solve problems every day. Do you go left or right at the light? Which will be faster and why? Programming is just another way we logically go about life. It is not magical or mysterious, but it is pretty dang cool.


Our Sphero events are being designed to show people how much fun you can have solving problems. We want to get kids excited about technology.   We plan to use block style programming allowing them to control a small spherical robot, the Sphero.


Kids do not need any experience with technology to partake in these events. Upon completion, our students will be able to write block programs that control robots. In more advanced level events, we will drop the block programming and write the commands by hand.

This also has a maker component. Imagine using the Sphero to drive a machine. You could build anything (well not anything but something really cool). We will be working with local maker spaces to give our students the ability to build machines that are powered by the Sphero.

We also plan to do family programming events. We want moms and dads playing with their kids while learning about technology.

Disclaimer:  Dads will have to share a robot with their family AND let them help ;)

Disclaimer: Dads will have to share a robot with their family AND let them help ;)

Our Need:

We are in the fundraising phase for this project. A contribution now will be a contribution to many events in the future and the future itself. The hardware we need purchase will be used again and again to support technical education in our community. Hardware needed includes Sphero devices and a control device like a tablet or a phone. The Sphero device is the true need as we can have people bring their own tablet or phone.

Total needed to start:

Approx total: $1325


Total needed to be self sustained (students do not need a tablet/phone):

Approx total: $4800


We have been invited to run a mini event at the Truckee Steam Fair on November 3d. This will be a spring board event to expose this to our community.

We need you to empower us to empower others.


Contact me if you can help.

Jordan Papaleo

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Read books, watch tutorials, scour the internet for blogs from guys like me that try to share wisdom.  In the end you will still find yourself wanting.

At TahoeJS, we believe in one of the best ways to learn is project based while under the guidance of a someone with greater experience and scars.  Battle scars are a must.  Mentorship is a time proven method to pass knowledge from generation to generation.  There are so many people in our reach that have been there and done that.  These people will elevate the next generation.

TahoeJS is partnering with local companies to run supervised programs where our participants will be able to learn and help our community.  You can think of this kind of like an internship sort but with more project and less red tape.

This project is actively under development.  Stay tuned!

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