The greatest responsibility of any generation is the passing of wisdom and knowledge to the next one. Doing this allows the accomplishment greater things than we can imagine. The future can build upon our successes. They can learn from our failures. They will do amazing things.

TahoeJS is passionate about the next generation. We are students and teachers; we are always unlearning what we learn. It is for this reason that we run educational events.  It is for this reason that we are standing with the children to share our passion for solving problems.

mentorship programs

Imagine an internship.  Crazy people are having you do ridiculous things for free. Didn't I say full fat cream in my coffee!!!

Now forget that and imagine a person wanting to make you life better.  A person that wants to help you learn from their mistakes.  A person that wants you to surpass their accomplishments.

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Sphero Events

Robots are cool.  Technology is also cool.  Unfortunately both of these things in our life seem to be surrounded by this conception that only a certain group of people can play in this area.

Come and hang out for a couple of hours and let us show you robots and tech are for everyone

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BeerJS is a world wide JavaScript movement.  It was formed to get developers off of their screens and into community with each other. n There are branches in over 60 cities world wide and those are supported by over 100 volunteers.  Our branch meets on the third Tuesday of the month at the Lift Cowork in Truckee.

Learn more on its GitHub page

Node School

This year we will be starting our own NodeSchool event series.  NodeSchool is an open source project run by volunteers with two goals: to create high quality programming curriculum and to host community learning events.

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