So the CFP is not open just yet but... What the heck, you can start thinking

Speak at JSConf Tahoe 2018


Disclaimer: I "borrowed" a ton of this content from React Rally because they are awesome.

JSConf Tahoe is a one day single track conference for developers of all backgrounds focusing on the diversity of JavaScript and its' developers. It will be on April 6th, 2018 in Truckee, California. Speakers topics are currently being determined. Whether you're a seasoned developer who has been using JavaScript since before MooTools or you think JavaScript can only be written with a framework, we will have something for everyone!

What we are looking for

We want this conference to showcase how the wider community is using JavaScript; think node, es6, frameworks, virtual reality, iot, and art.  This conference has the goal of inspiring you to think of all the different way you can use JavaScript.

Talk slots will be 25ish minutes long with no Q&A after. If you want to answer questions, let the attendees know during your talk when you will be available. 

You can submit as many proposals as you want, and you can edit them until the CFP closes. We promise not to peek. Of course if you buy a ticket and get accepted to speak we will reimburse you the ticket price.

Writing a good proposal

A good proposal serves two purposes. It demonstrates you have a story the attendees will want to hear, and it shows that you can present this story in an engaging and exciting fashion. To show that, we want a few pieces of information.

The first thing we want is the abstract. The abstract is the pitch to the attendees. It will appear on the schedule along with the title, and should tell attendees what they will learn from your talk and why they care about it. You don't have to give away all your secrets, but you should at least describe the main thesis of your talk. The abstract is limited to 600 characters, so make those words count.

The second thing we want is the details of your talk. This is more detailed information about how your talk will go down. Do you have an outline? What is the structure of your talk? How will you start? What will your conclusion be like? If you have live demos, how will you make sure they don't crash and burn? This information won't be made public. Also, if you don't know all of this when you propose, that is ok. Just give as much detail as you have.

The last thing we want is the pitch. This is where you pitch yourself as the the person capable of making this talk awesome. Why does this talk need to happen? Why are you excited about it?

Here is an example of an abstract, details and a pitch (this is not a good submission, just an example of one that includes the information we asked about).

Title: Semicolons are making your users weep

Abstract: How often do you type a semicolon? Did you know that every time you type that ";" character, a user of you app somewhere remembers the saddest thing that ever happened to them, and cries? Learn how to stop making your users weep sad sad tears, and become a better React developer in the process.

Details: This talk is an exploration of the etymology of the semicolon character of the terrible toll it imposes on our users. I will begin with a curated selection of my funniest kitten gifs to loosen up the audience. Then I will show 30 slides of a semicolon, growing slowly larger with each slide, as I repeat the words "Synergy. Radical isomorphism. Test-driven envelopment. Hyperlocal. Buttgeneering. Scale more by doing less." louder and louder. Once this reaches a crescendo, I'll unveil my new client-side JavaScript framework that is composed of only semicolons, and then ride off the stage on a chariot made of surveillance drones.

Pitch: Listen, every JavaScript developer knows that semicolons are the number one cause of loss of productivity. By accepting my talk, your attendees will improve their ability to deliver great experience to their users. I'm an engaging speaker who has been thinking about semicolons and literally nothing else for decades now.

So yeah, we probably would not accept this talk. But the proposal did give us a good idea of what it would be like.

How talk selection works

The CFP will close December 31st, 2017. After the CFP closes, the speaker selection committee narrows down potential talks in two passes. The first pass is completely blind, with only at the talk title and abstract visible. The second pass adds in all the information you provide.

We will notify selected speakers within one week of the CFP closing.

Speaker benefits

We cover speaker travel and hotel and give you a free ticket. Because preparing a talk is hard work and we want value your time.  We will have a speaker dinner and a cool gift.

If you buy a ticket and are accepted to speak, we will refund you the price of your ticket.

Some talk ideas

No idea what to talk about? Here are some ideas that could be interesting (but we are in no way limiting suggestions to this list of ideas).

  • Pick a framework
  • ES *
  • Latest coolness in Node
  • Understanding JS libraries internals to contribute open source
  • What to learn from all these different JS frameworks
  • Offline first JS applications
  • Using JS for native apps
  • Comparing all the different ways to style today: CSS, SASS, LESS, JSS, CSS Modules, etc
  • Using virtual reality in the DOM for a business purpose
  • Hacking your Roomba with JS
  • Using JS to make Art

Let us help

Do you have an idea that you aren't sure is ready for submission? Are you concerned you don't have enough experience to speak? Do you have questions about anything regarding the CFP? Email us at and we will be happy to discuss talk ideas or anything else related to the CFP process.